Sponsored Post: Family Link Android App

Family Link Android App

Family Link is an exciting twist on the classic tile matching genre. It allows you to literally bring your family and friends into the game with you, by creating customized tiles to represent each person! The possibilities are limitless, as you get to chose who (or what) you include in the game. With the silly effects and friendly feel to the game, everyone will want to play.

The leader board allows you to compete with others playing the game, so get matching and see just how good you can become!

1. Choose faces of family members in the avatars option.
2. Enter into Leisure Mode or Challenge Mode depending on how you’re feeling.
3. Start the game. Click faces of the same member to make the faces disappear. The faces don’t have to be next to each other, but there has to be a clear path for the connection to be made.

Download Family Link Android App

Family Link Android App

Family Link Android App 2

Family Link Android App 3

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