Mini Golf MatchUp™ Android App Review


The Mini Golf MatchUp™ Android App by Scopely – Top Free Apps and Games LLC is a multiplayer social game where you play virtual mini golf. The game physics are very accurate and the courses are challenging. There are 5 courses to choose from with over 70 holes to play. The obstacles range from traditional mini golf obstacles to bank shots and even different terrains.

The graphics are excellent and have a 3D feel to them. For the social features you can connect with your friends via FaceBook, twitter, SMS or play a random user. The player with the most points at the end of each course wins. You have opportunities to get bonus points by scoring a hole in one and more. You can also unlock more levels for a paid upgrade.

Overall, this is a great multiplayer mini golf game.  At the time of this review the Mini Golf MatchUp™ Android App is free.

Download Mini Golf MatchUp™ Android App

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