Where’s My Water? Android App Review


The Where’s My Water? Android App by Disney is a puzzle game. The object of the game is to get Swampy’s shower to work by guiding the water through each level while avoiding obstacles and using different elements to help you along the way. The game features over 200 different puzzles of which each have 3 ducks that you can collect and some levels have objects you will need to find throughout the level.

In each level you will need to dig through the dirt to create a pathway for the water to lead it to Swampy’s shower pipe. As you advance in each level this will become more of a challenge to do with the different elements and obstacles that you will encounter. In some of the higher levels you will deal with 3 different liquids which you will need to use together and then convert to water in order to complete the level and get Swampy’s shower to work.

Overall, this is a very challenging puzzle game that is fun to play. The graphics are very well done and the developer did a really good job with the physics of the game giving the water and it’s flow a realistic look. With over 20o levels and 3 ducks in each level and bonus items in certain levels this game will entertain you for quite awhile. At the time of this review the Where’s My Water? Android App has a free version that you can try and a full version for $0.99. Thumbs Up.

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Where’s My Water Video Review and Gameplay

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