Coins Vs Zombies Android App Review


The Coins Vs Zombies Android App by NUBEE PTE LTD combines the traditional coin dozer game with a shooter game. The object of the game is to shoot the zombies with coins while collecting the coins at the bottom of the coin dozer in order to level up. You will need to collect a certain amount of coins per level in order to level up. To do this you shoot the zombies on the platform enough times with coins to deplete their life bar. Once you have done that the zombie will disappear.

You aim with the arrow located on the bottom of the screen. Once the arrow is aimed at the zombie you want to shoot simply press once and release to shoot a single coin. You can shoot another coin shortly after and if you time it right you can hit a zombie with multiple coins without having to wait until it returns within aiming reach on the platform. The idea is to hit the zombies so that the coins do not fly over the board and land behind the coin dozer. If you miss a zombie the coin will land behind the coin dozer.

If you run out of coins you have 2 options, 1. wait until the game gives you 50 free coins while you are offline for a period of time or you can purchase more coins from the shop with real money. In addition collecting the to coins you will also be able to collect other prize items for points. In addition to purchasing more coins you can also buy upgrades in the shop with real money as well.

Overall, this is a unique combination of a coin dozer and shooter game for the Android platform. The game is entertaining but unless you want to spend your money on upgrades and more coins it’s just more of a novelty game. Although the game features quality graphics and responsive controls there is an advertisement placed on the bottom of the screen where it is sometimes pressed instead of the shooter control. You can remove this buy purchasing the No Ads upgrade in the shop with real money but it will cost you $29.99. Not really worth it since you will probably still need to spend more money once you run out of coins again. Despite all of that it’s still an entertaining, novelty free game. At the time of this review the Coins Vs Zombies Android App is free.

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