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If you are yet to hear about Google+, then please remove the giant rock in which you have been living under and come out to play. Google+ is the social networking engine that Google has been designing for quite some time. The current release is a working version, by Google standards this means tweaks aplenty will be made as more and more users come on and start to use Google+. Google has also been very responsive to user outcry amongst certain items. For example: Google+ did require user to select a gender, unlike Facebook. So in response to the large number of displeased user Google has removed the item and no longer requires genders to be selected.

Google+ seems to offer a different spin on social networking with the emphasis on improved simple functionality and instantaneous sharing/communication. While this is the general aim of most social networks Google has plans to fully integrate this application with all other Google applications running on both computer and mobile environments. One of my favorite additions is the +1 button. Obviously, it draws similar comparison and function to the “Like” button, however for the elite out there +1 says so much more than just “Like.” Another awesome feature added to Google + is the huddle/hangout features. The Huddle feature allows you to send messages to one or multiple users at one time and the messages are instantaneously received on the other end. The hangout feature is a live video chat conference where you and your buddies can hang out and have a video conversation. The Google+ software is extremely smart, so much to the point that when in a hangout session the software can determine who is in the lead of the conversation, so it is extremely easy to follow.

The circle feature of Google + easily allows you to move and sort contacts into different circles. The circles will be labeled with specific sharing and privacy settings, thus this will be the basis for where you place your people into specific circles. The circles are really what makes Google + different from many other Social Networks. The circles have built in pre-set privacy settings based on which circle you enter the contact into.

If you would like an invite to Google+ please E-Mail us at: Sorry All Out of Invites.

Via Techcrunch

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