8pen Android App Review


The 8pen Android App by Michael @ 3qubits is a keyboard replacement. This is a unique keyboard replacement with a bit of a learning curve that most likely is supposed to be some kind of stylish alternative to the swipe keyboard, which in actuality is 100x more functional the 8pen keyboard. The app comes with a tutorial to explain how to use this keyboard and even though the methodology is unique and the keyboard was extremely well designed this keyboard is not for the faint at heart. It will require some getting used to and in my opinion has a pretty steep learning curve but is not meant to serve as an everyday keyboard.

When you launch 8pen you will be first instructed on how to change the keyboard so that when you begin to type the actual 8pen keyboard is the one that appears. The keyboard has four sectors with letters in every sector. The keyboard is based on a figure 8 like movement in which you move to the sector where the letter is located and then simultaneously drag to the point where the desired letter is located. This can be a bit tedious for longer words and the manipulation of the keyboard will take a longer time with a very steep learning curve as this is not a traditional design of a keyboard.

Overall, the 8pen Android App is a fun and interesting app. At the time of this review the app was free. Keep practicing!  Thumbs Up.

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