ScoreMobile for Android App Review


The ScoreMobile for Android App by Score Media Ventures Inc. is an app that monitors all different kinds of sports scores and has great customization abilities. This app can be set to monitor a number of different sports scores and the sports scores can be updated at a specified interval of time. The stock widget that comes with this app is a great 4×2 widget that beautifully displays all your scores and allows up to four different   sports to be displayed on the widget. ScoreMobile also has a ScoreMobile FC app which is purely dedicated to futbol (Soccer for US Americans ;)


When you open up the app it will display the scores from the matches played on the current date or the most recent date in which matches were played. You can manually refresh these scores at will or you may also set the auto-refresh time located by opening the app, hitting the menu button, selecting the “more” option, and then going into settings. When you load the widget you can also customize the sports and the refresh time for the widget ticker. When the widget is on one of your home screens you can press on the current match that is displayed on the widget and the ScoreMobile detailed view will open. This will provide real time player stats, games stats, and anything else your little sports loving heart desires.

Overall, this is an excellent sports score monitoring application that provides an very useful widget to go along with the app itself. At the time of this review the ScoreMobile for Android App is free. Thumbs Up.

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