LogMeIn Ignition Android App Review


The LogMeIn Ignition Android App by LogMeIn, Inc is an app that allows you to remotely connect to your pc and more than at that. This app requires that the home PC at least be turned on but will allow for full access to the PC. Any files or programs that can be run on the home computer can also be run on the mobile device. The LogMeIn app has also been optimized for android tablets.

The LogMeIn Ignition Android App is an excellent tool that requires you to create a free account at logmein.com and then installs the LogMeIn files on the computer(s) that you want to remotely connect to. The remote connection is reliable and extremely responsive. The LogMeIn app acts just like the normal computer does and allows you to do all the things you would be able to do if you were on the actual computer itself. Now you can watch movies that are stored on a different pc, access work files from home, and even wipe out files on the remote computer.

Overall, this is an excellent remote login application. This app may be one of the best productivity apps available on the Android market. At the time of this review The LogMeIn Ignition Android App is paid and costs $29.99, which you can get excellent value out of if you need to use an app like this. I would highly recommend purchasing this app from the Android Market if you need this type of service. Thumbs Up.

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  1. Sadly the Android version of this app seems to be missing features that come with the iOS version – most obviously the ability to access all your file directories at the remote location without actually remote-controlling your PC – you get a little file manager page pops up allowing you transfer files from your remote PC to your iOS device.

    I have no idea why the Android version doesn’t support this feature.

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