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The Words with Friends Android App by Zynga app/game is a very well designed scrabble – like game that allows you to play the computer, friends, or a random opponent.  The most unique feature that makes Words with Friends by Zynga so great is that it allows for online game play with random people and also allows you to create your own game so you can choose to play with friends, family, or whomever you choose. This is great for anytime when you want to hop on for a quick game or challenge one of your friends. Another unique feature of Words with friends is that it allows you to play at your own pace, so if you begin a game and then get busy you can always return to the game at a later time and the game will still be as completely intact as it was when you left it.

When the game begins Words with Friends will ask you to create a free account, if you do not have one simply enter in your email address and Zynga will create the account for you. Once you select your game play, by choosing to play a random opponent, or create a game on your own the game will begin. The board will be labeled with double point slots and other classic scramble – like pieces. The letters you currently possess that need to be formed will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. Simply drag the letters into place on the board to form words. Longer words with higher point value letters will earn you higher scores overall.

Overall, this is an outstanding game in the Android Market. There is nothing about this game that users won’t enjoy! The game play is addictive and best of all at the time of this review the Words with Friends Android App by Zynga is free! Thumbs up!

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  1. I am fed up! I was playing several games and I got an update notification that I couldn’t get around, forgot my password, then they had me as someone else with the same name but different email. I changed my password as they instructed, but this other person keeps coming up so I can’t get back on the game. I am so frustrated!!! Will they see this and fix it for me?

  2. I got a message that I had to upgrade. I forgot my password.
    Then I changed my password. Then I got a person with the same name but different email address. How can I give a password for a differed.t person’s account? Please get this sorted. I want my games back!!

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