Google Earth Android App Review


The Google Earth Android App by Google Inc. app is Google’s mobile Android optimized version of the popular computer program Google Earth. Google has taken the Earth app and completely optimized it for the mobile Android platform including many of the popular features that are included with the computer program. The app itself includes many features including: locate me button, Google’s layers, street view and full access to the maps of the world. Google Earth like most other Google applications comes with fully integrated voice controls for searching for locations. Pressing the “my location” button embedded in the menu will zoom in from the limits of outer space all the way to your current location.

As soon as you open the Google Earth Android App you are greeted by a 3-D model of the planet. Free range is given for you to explore the Earth as you see fit.  All of the features available to you in the Google Maps app are given here as well. You can zoom in all the way to street level and look around at the street level. The search button is also able to be utilized to search for intersections or locations on planet Earth. The coolest feature of Google Earth is being able to roam freely all over the globe and visit new locations. One new feature            coming to Honeycomb versions of Google Earth will be inside pictures in which you will be able to look at images inside of buildings you are currently viewing.

Overall, this is the only Earth application worthy of download. At the time of this review the Google Earth Android App is free. Thumbs up!

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