GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas Android App Review


The GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas Android App by app is an app that will allow you search and locate gas stations around your GPS location in an effort to help you find the cheapest gas. The interface of the app is simple and intuitive with some great added features. The app will display not only the gas stations around you and their prices for regular, midgrade, premium, and diesel but will also detail for you what other services are offered at that specific gas station. (i.e. car wash, air, and ice chest etc.) Other options and features also include reporting the prices at the gas station and uploading a photo from the gas station.

When the application is opened they will ask you to become a member of and registration is handled within the app and is quite simple.  After searching based on your location you can view the gas by the grade in which you put in your car. You can sort the gas stations by price and even map the location through the map feature in the app. This feature is integrated within the app and will let you view all the gas stations on a map in your area and then let you select the gas station to view all of its prices and offerings. Each gas station will also reflect how old the prices reported are, so if you feel the price is too old you can submit an update on price for it through the app as well.

Overall, this is the best gas price app on the android market. The number of features and options are unrivaled and this app was well designed and well maintained. At the time of this review the GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas Android App is free. Definite Thumbs up!

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