Adobe Photoshop Express Android App Review


The Adobe Photoshop Express Android App by Adobe Systems app is just like having Adobe Photoshop in your pocket at all times. The app is fantastically designed and allows you to edit any of the photos you have taken a picture of or have loaded on the phone. There is also an upload option which will allow you to upload to, Facebook, and TwitPic. The editing options are not lacking either, anything from cropping to contrast, and effects/borders. The options allow you to be a mobile photo editing machine! The Adobe program will also automatically load all your photos that have been stored on the phone upon first boot of the app so everything is right at your fingertips.

Upon opening Adobe Photoshop Express Android App the photos on the computer will be automatically thumbnailed. This makes for easier selection and editing. Once you select the photo you want to use you can either select to edit or upload the photo. Upon clicking edit you will be taken to the photo editing workspace within the app. This is where you can crop photos, changes the contrast, brightness and other color related effects. Here you can also change the soft focus of the image to make it a bit more hazy looking and even select the effects changes to change the photos color scale.

Overall, this app is great for mobile photo editing. Adobe did a wonderful job in integrating many unique and high caliber features to allow mobile editing at a very high level. At the time of this review the Adobe Photoshop Express Android App is free. Thumbs up!

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  1. I enjoy taking photos with my cell, and would enjoy feel I would use my phone camera 100 times more if I could do Photoshop

  2. Ellen Benson aka 'elle jaye rose'

    I actually find the generic photo editor on my Samsung Galaxy II more useful and use free programs such as lightbox photo and little photo as I found photoshop express very limiting and disappointing

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