Sketch Me Android App Review


The Sketch Me Android App by roidstudio app is an imaging editing app that is very simple and only serves on purpose; to apply a special rendering affect to any image on your phone or one you take with a camera, to a sketch like photo. This app does not offer any additional features. You simply select the image file or take the picture of anything you want to appear in the sketch form. Once you have selected the photo the app will automatically apply the filter it has and that will allow you to see any image you can obtain in the sketch form.

The application is so simply designed that there are only four different options. Those options include the camera button which allows you to snap a picture or choose one from the file system on your android mobile device. The next option is to save the file you just created which is necessary for saving the changes and sharing the pictures via MMS or social networks. The third option will allow you to directly email the photo to whomever you like.

Overall, this is a very simple app that serves one purpose: to convert images to sketch like form. For what it is supposed to do, it does quickly and efficiently. At the time of this review the Sketch Me Android App is free. Thumbs up!

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