Color Touch Effects Android App Review


The Color Touch Effects Android App by Swiss Codemonkeys app is an imaging editing app that is has a very clean look and feel too it. This app allows for you to capture a photo, take a photo that is posted on Facebook, and take photos stored on the phone and edit them with different coloring effects that are embedded in the app itself. The Color Touch Effects by Swiss Codemonkeys has a ton of options in the color related effects department of photo editing which gives the end user a ton of options for meticulously coloring in the photo to fit your desires.

When you open the application you can select the option of where to obtain your photo from (the camera, Facebook, or stored on the phone) and then you can proceed with the photo editing. After selecting a photo it will bring you to the editing engine of the app in which you can select pieces of the picture to color in and render with different effects without affecting the entire picture itself. The smallness of the effect tool enables particular attention to detail!

Overall, this is a great photo editing app, while not as complex as Adobe Photoshop Express; it is still a very viable alternative. At the time of this review the Color Touch Effects Android App is free. Thumbs up!

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