Sketchbook Mobile Android App Review


The Sketchbook Mobile Android App by Autodesk Inc. is a professional grade paint and drawing app for the Android platform. The app offers a full set of sketching tools and a streamlined and intuitive user interface.

The app gives you a canvas size of up to 1024×768, 47 preset brushes and customizable brush settings to work with. In addition, the app gives you 6 layer controls, the ability to move, rotate and scale any layer and dynamic symmetric drawing. For color choices you get a color wheel and the ability to customize color swatches. If you want to import an image to work with you can and once your are done with your image you can save it as a JPEG, PNG or layered PSD and export it.

Overall, this is an excellent, comprehensive professional grade paint and drawing app for the Android platform. It’s very responsive which makes drawing and painting on your Android device easy. At the time of this review the Sketchbook Mobile Android App is $0.99. Thumbs Up.

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  1. As a graphic designer this app is alone worth the purchase of my new phone. Fantastic. One thing I really like is that I can email a sketch direct in photoshop-format.

  2. Ah — I love this app but can’t find my saved images. What’s going on? I have an HTC Droid Incredible with 2.2 capacity and I purchased the $.99 Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile but I can’t find the images I work on anywhere!! It let’s me “save and exit” but no clue where my work is. HELP!

  3. Emily – to find your images, on android, it saves them in your Gallery. check the docs at for any questions you have. all the help docs for their apps and the desktop version of sketchbook are there.

    Michal – sketchbook is available. go to for info on the different versions and how to get it. they’ve got mac store versions, you can get it on amazon, and there are app versions for iphone, ipad, and android. it’s definitely not dead!

  4. Hey i have a htc sensation, and was wondering what is the best stylus pen for detailed parts of the image?

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