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The Call Control Android App by Kedlin Company is a call blocking and blacklist app that is community powered for the Android platform. This app’s community has a large directory of spam callers that are blocked instantly.

The main features that the app has are blacklist, whitelist your contacts, call blocking and private call blocking. The app also features a call log, lookup feature and the ability to report a call from the main menu.

Overall, the app works really well and is easy to use. The large community that it’s directory is based on helps to block calls right from when you install the app. The app comes with a 14 day trial and you can purchase the full version right groom the app for a one time fee of $7.99. Thumbs Up.

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  1. Wow. So I installed call control and I think it works pretty darn good. For a one time fee of $7.99, definitely worth. But alas, when I tried to register, now the price is $9.99. Why? Because their third party vendor charges a $2.00 per transaction “convenience” fee. Well for $2.00 it’s just as convenient to uninstall it… That’s convenient. We are tired of hidden fees, bait and switch, convenience fees etc. And if the company would have just advertised it as 9.99 I would have still bought it. But the extra hour of research that it takes me to find out this information is costly. I no longer am amused.. and I just uninstalled. Thanks but no thanks to shady business practices.

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