CamCard – Business Card Reader Android App Review


The CamCard – Business Card Reader Android App by IntSig Information Co.,Ltd scans business cards and inputs the information from the card into your contacts list on your Android device. The app uses your Android device’s camera to scan a business card by simply matching up the card so that it fills the camera screen and then take a picture of it. Another screen will then appear for you to choose the contact account you wish to store the information as well as to verify that the information was correctly read by the app. Once you have selected your account and verified the information press the Save button to add the contact and their information to your address book account  that you have chosen.

Overall, the app is very easy to use and works really well. Instead of collecting business cards you can simply ask the person if you can scan it. At the time of this review the CamCard – Business Card Reader Android App is $14.99. Thumbs Up.

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