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The EVAC Android App by Hexage Ltd is an arcade/action/maze game similar to PacMan but with many differences. You play as the pink box and your objective is to collect all of the colored dots from each level, find the exit and pass through it. There are red blocks that will try to stop you that you need to avoid. If they touch you 3 times you lose. There are a few power ups that you can collect in order to fend the red blocks off to buy you some time while collecting the color dots and finding the exit. In certain levels to get the red blocks off your back you can hide in the black boxes and wait until the red blocks are no where near to come back out.

The yellow blocks can be moved in order to trap the red blocks to prevent them from getting you and you can also use the yellow blocks to open up doors and block openings to prevent the red blocks from coming into an area. You move the pink block by the circle control located in the left hand corner near the bottom of the screen. This control acts as a virtual joystick. It’s generally responsive but it may need some more surface area. The graphics are very colorful and unique.

Overall, this is an excellent, high quality arcade/action/maze game for the Android platform. At the time of this review the EVAC Android App is $1.58. Thumbs Up.

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  1. I liked it well-enough, but apparently not as much as the Market community! People seem absolutely dazzled by EVAC. I’d take Angry Birds over this one, but that may just be my taste in genre. The d-pad size really got on my nerves. Hexage should’ve just borrowed the pad from MiniSquadron.

  2. Fun color-full game, PacMan on LSD, Timothy Leary Would be proud… The controls take a bit getting used to but id give this thing a 8/10.

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