Bubble Blast 2 Android App Review


The Bubble Blast 2 Android App by Magma Mobile is a puzzle game for the Android platform. This game is packed with 300 levels. In order to access all of these levels you will need to unlock a certain number of levels in order to access the 3 level packs and arcade mode of gameplay. The object of the game is to pop the bubbles within the allotted number of tries so that you clear the entire area of bubbles in order to complete each level.

In the beginning this will be simple, but as you progress through each level this will become much more difficult. In the first few levels you will have mostly red bubbles; these will pop with 1 touch. As you progress to the next few levels other colored bubbles will be part of the puzzle with some of them requiring up to 3 touches in order for them to pop. Each time you pop a bubble a small balls will shoot across the screen in each direction (in a linear path) and pop the bubbles next to it. In most levels you only have up to 3 touches in order to clear all of the bubbles and complete the level. You will need to be strategic in which bubbles you choose to use the touches on in order to complete each level.

Overall, this is a challenging puzzle game with good, clean graphics and responsive controls. At the time of this review the Bubble Blast 2 Android App is free. Thumbs Up.

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  1. I am stuck!!! Do u know of anywhere you can get cheat sheets? I have used the 1 time per 24 hours help…but, ocasionally need more help. I am on pack 6–level 87 STUCK!!!

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