Kumpa Android App Review


The Kumpa Android App by greenrobot is a maze puzzle game for the Android platform. The object of the game is to run over the amount of symbols on the floor with the ball that each level requires before the time runs out. When you run over a symbol it will turn blue so you will know which ones you have already run over. Each level is a new maze and they get quite challenging as you get to the higher levels. There are a few different obstacles that you will need to work with and maneuver around in order to get the ball to roll over the symbols. Some obstacles will even give you a game over.

The graphics are great, they are really well done. For the controls you use your Android device’s acelerometer feature to guide the ball through each maze. You can also download more levels for $1.80.

Overall, this is a chalengien maze puzzle game with great graphics. At the time of this review the Kumpa Android App is free. Thumbs Up.

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