FxCamera Android App Review


The FxCamera Android App by ymst allows you to take a picture with several different effects with your Android device. For each mode you have a list of effects that you can access once you have selected a mode by pressing the Config button.

  • ToyCam – cross-process Emulation (Green), cross-process Emulation (Blue), cross-process Emulation (Yellow), Super High Contrast, Blue Tone, Vivid Green, Warm and Mono (High Contrast).
  • Polandroid – Vintage Film, Faded, Aged, Mono and No Effect. You have 2 options for Film Type as well Rectangle (3:2) or Square (1:1).
  • Fisheye – Circular and Full-Frame.
  • SymmertriCam – Landscape, Portrait and Multi Reflection. You also have the invert pattern option as well as several color filters.
  • Warhol – No options available.
  • Normal – Mono (Black and White), Sepia, Negative, Posterize, Solarize, and 2 different picture sizes to choose from.

After you take each photo you will have the option to share it by a few different options depending on what you have installed on your Android device.

Overall, app has quite a few different effects for your Android device’s stock camera. At the time of this review the FxCamera Android App is free. Thumbs Up.

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