Slugs Android App Review


The Slugs Android App by Amoneron is a strategy action game for the Android platform with great graphics and easy to use controls. There are 2 modes of gameplay Challenge mode with 50 levels and Survival mode where you try to get the highest score possible. You play as the blue character where your weapon is shooting ammunition out of the top of your head at the slugs when they jump in the air. The obejct of the game is to destroy all of the slugs in each level so that they do not take over. The main obstacle you will deal with is your limited supply of ammunition. The slugs can also reproduce which make can things a bit more challenging at times.

Once you shoot a slug you can pick up your ammunition by either catching it before it lands on the ground or by moving over it with your character. You move your character by using your Android device’s accelerometer feature by tilting your phone right or left to move your character to the right or to the left. You can shoot by either a tap or by pressing the trackball if your device has one. There are several meters located at the top of the screen. The slug icon shows you how many slugs are left that you need to beat before you beat the level. The icon that looks like your ammunition shows you how much ammunition you have left. The heart icon shows you how much life you have left. You can gain more life by collecting a slug’s eye ball once you eliminate it. They will fall to the ground so you can either catch them before they land on the ground or you can move over them with your character to collect them. You can also collect different power ups that will each help you in a different way against obstacles.

Overall, this is a pretty unique game with 50 levels of gameplay. At the time of this review the Slugs Android App is free. Thumbs Up.

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