DynamoKid Touch Android App Review


The DynamoKid Touch Android App by OrangePixel is a unique game for the Android platform. The object of the game is to guide DynomoKid through each level while collecting as many stars as you can. The graphics have a similar feel to other Android games by Orangepixel but the controls are truly unique to any game from them that I have played to date.

The game is a side scroller so the controls consist of Jump, Attack and a new and interesting control which is Complete The Scenery. To jump simply tap on DynamoKid once and he will jump. To attack/remove monsters and obstacles simply tap on them once. There will be parts of game where the outline impression of missing scenery will appear, simply swipe over the area with your finger on the display screen and the missing scenery will appear in place of the outline impression. What makes this game truly unique from others is this control feature.

Overall, this is a truly unique game for the Android platform. At the time of this review the DynamoKid Touch Android App is $4.15. Thumbs Up.

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