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The ProjectINF Android App by Chicken Brick Studios is a real-time, online, multiplayer game featuring the ability to have up to 24 people in a single game. When the app first loads you will need to create a new character where you will enter a username and choose between a Scout, Marine or Brute. You can create up to 6 different characters. Once you have created your character you will be taken to the main game menu.

The Customize button allows you to customize your character’s stats such as speed, range, armor, etc. The Social button will take you to the social menu where you can go in the lobby chatroom, view your friends list, view your blocked list and enter a clan tag. The Stats button allows you to view your characters stats such as level, kills, cash, etc. To play simply press the play button and you will be taken to a list of the current games available to play. Each game will have a summary of what the objective of the game is about for example, capture the flag or a death match where the first team to get 100 kills first wins. You can use your cash to purchase items that will aid you while you are playing the game.

The controls are simply, all you need to do is press on the screen where you want your character to go. If you want to rotate your character simply rotate your character by sliding your finger in the direction you want them to rotate to on the display screen. If you want to use an item that you have purchased in the store simply press on your character and then select the item from the selection that will appear if you have purchased items from the store. The graphics are pretty good for this game and do not get in the way of the gameplay which is good.

Overall, this is a very unique multiplayer game for the Android platform. The app is currently in Beta so it can only get better from here. At the time of this review the ProjectINF Android App is free. Thumbs Up.


ProjectINF Android App screen shot

ProjectINF Android App screen shot 2

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  1. I’ve been playing ProjectINF for over 2 months now and I’m stool hooked. The forum allows players to communicate better and manage team/clan wars etc…

    By far the best app on android that I’ve played…


  2. Having played ProjectINF for over 2 months, I’ve managed to discover that the main flavour of online gaming is the community.

    This has it all…

    Clans wars, forum banter, intense gaming and great laughs in the lobby…

    I’m going to be around for a while… :)

    Best shooter on Android!

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