droidFart Android App Review

The droidFart Android App by Cory Gibbons truly is the number 1 fart app currently in the Android Market. From the realistic farts to the animated butt, this app is loaded with features and great graphics. There are 16 different farts for this app which you can preview from the main tab (the butt icon). The explosion tab is the Fart Bomb feature where you can select any of the 16 farts to use for a timed fart with up to 50 farts. To set up a fart bomb, simply drag the very responsive number of farts bar and choose a number from 1 to 50, select your fart and either use the timer or press the Start button on the display screen. The next tab over with the skull and cross bones is the Fart-Mine tab. The Fart-Mine let’s you get back at people who pick up your Android phone without permission. Simply choose a fart and press the Start button on the display screen and as soon as an unsuspecting person moves the phone they will get a surprise fart. You can access the settings by either pressing the Menu button on your phone or by pressing the Settings tab on the display screen. Here you can turn on and off the Remote Farts feature which allows you to text the word “fart” from any other cell phone with SMS capability and your phone will actually fart. This feature is great and it even works when the app is not open. There are two features that are not currently available but are coming soon which is the Fart Recorder and Fart Sender. At the time of this review the droidFart Android App is $0.99 and totally worth it. Thumbs up, well done Cory Gibbons.

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